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Jimmy_Angel_plane_crash James Crawford was certainly an adventurer, a bohemian, a man of stunts. All kinds of legends and doubtful stories have been told in bars and he did enjoy bars and nightlife. Above all he loved his ability to fly and enterntain, and years later he would be forever enchanted by nature.

Some may ask why is James to be remembered, if as a matter of fact the Auyantepuy was discovered several hundreds of years before and the same for the Churun Meru, the original name of the Falls given by the Pemon Indians. These indians were often aids and helpers in searching for gold, they did know of it's existance but back then it was considered just a tall tale. Of course they knew about the Auyantepuy, it not only is the biggest Tepuy, but it can be seen from the Carrao River, indians did have boats and the Carrao is very long.

So, you might ask, if the WaterFall had a name, why replace it with the name of an adventurer? The reason is simple. The Pemon, they did not love the mountain, they actually feared it, Auyantepuy is the Pemon word for Devil's mountain! The Explorers saw it in awe, but they did not love it as to risk their lives and their wife's just to be on it. James had something nature and our country appreciates, he had a real love for Canaima, almost an addiction, an obsession, he was spell bound by nature, and that is reasonable, if we see the pictures of the area we find extraordinary places, add this to the fact that the area was vastly unexplored. Jimmy felt like being in another world.

We as Venezuelans can only be happy someone loved part of our country with so much passion. When we think about it, we should always be glad he never found his gold mountain, he found something better. A gold mountain would be a total disaster, mining towns would ravage the jungle destroying everything at it's path, and at the end there would be no more gold, no more jungle as well and the gold price a little less expensive. What he did leave in history is the love for nature, a symbol of EcoTourism his actions are gold for nature lovers around the world.

There is nothing on the name Churun Meru, so it is fair to give the waterfall the name of a man who really loved it. His spirit of adventure has helped raise interest in tourists around the globe, he is an example of the pasion of EcoTourism and Adventure Tours. We could hardly think of anyone more fit to have his name on the Fall, that is why we are glad the Churun Meru is now Angel Falls.

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Henrik Linde
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This is The Classic, and the original Adventure Tour - when visiting Angel Falls in Canaima (Higly Recommended)!.

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angel-falls-adventureThere are different options for accommodation and tours, from the simplest to the most comfortable for the most demanding. One can distinguish three categories of accommodations and rates.

- Adventure Tour: With one overnight in a Standard room in the community of Canaima, near the lagoon with private bathroom and fan. Complete with all meals included, great attention by the indigenous natives (Pemon Tribe) of the area. Including the second night sleeping in a hammock at the base camp in front of the Angel Falls -with a great view of Angel Falls.

With this option as a additional detail and if the weather conditions are favorable, we are including a visit to the water fall "Salto Hacha" an incredible experience - discover the strength and majesty of nature.

- Deluxe Tour: An intermediate alternative, with a comfortable over night's stay in front of the Canaima Lagoon room with private bathroom and air conditioning. The view of the landscape is very beautiful here, and with the famous Lagoon beach in front for a refreshing swim. The other night accommodation in the same lodge since the visit to Angel Falls is a full day tour so you can come back to stay two nights in your favorite lodge with all the comforts of a lodge next to the lagoon.

- The VIP Tour: Overnight stay in the best Lodge with the best location at the Canaima Lagoon with the most comfortable rooms to offer, with private bathroom and air conditioning. The restaurant offers all meals included, gourmet, a la carte or buffet. A visit to Angel Falls is included where you at the second night will be sleeping in a hammock at the base camp in front of the Angel Falls -with a great view of Angel Falls..     

Day 1:

sailing• Arrival in  Canaima by plane from Puerto Ordaz.

• The Angel Adventure Guide will assist at the airport.

• Transfer to the camp, lunch and the beginning of the expedition.

• After lunch, take a guided tour of Ara-Meru Falls where you can swim and walk in natural formations of Jade.

• Our next walk will take us to Sapo enjoying your fabulous curtain of water that can be enjoyed during the rainy season.

• The walk continues to Salto Hacha, followed by a half-hour walk through the jungle.

• Return to camp at the Anatoly Island for dinner, bath and rest.

Day 2:

• Depending on the conditions and the level of the waters of the Rio Churum we went by boat to get closer to Angel Falls.

• We arrived at Mouse Island (Island in front of the Falls) for camping and sleeping in hammocks.

• We walk an hour to get to where you can observe Angel Falls in all its splendor and bathe in her lap. Return the camp at noon for lunch.

• Dinner is served at Isla Raton followed by different accounts of the history of Canaima.

Day 3:

• Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

• Daily departures from Canaima to Puerto Ordaz en private plane. adventure_for_3_days

Prices include: Sightseeing, lunch, soft drinks and guides. Stay in the Orchid Island in hammocks at the camp, recommended as the best located camp, with nice people, and conditioning for the more adventurous travelers.

All options included with your stay a typical boating (canoe) from the Canaima Lagoon to see the falls of: Sapo, Ucaima, Wadaima and Axe.

Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Contact us for updated prices or a tailor made tour: Angel Falls Friends!

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